How to Use Flowers to Brighten Up a Living Space

Flowers have a way of making people feel special. Everyone has an experience in mind where they received a fresh bouquet that made them smile. They are a beautiful reminder that we are loved. So, why not use them to brighten up a living space? Fresh flowers are the perfect way to bring the good vibes back to that spot in your home that you just never know what to do with! With the expertise of Heidi Vassel, from Over the Top Events, this how-to post will teach us the simple steps towards creating our own fresh flower arrangement.

Heidi Vassel - Formal Flowers

Heidi entered the business about eight years ago, as a Christmas tree decorator. About three years ago, she started dabbling in fresh flowers. Since then, Heidi and her partner have created a team and company that she is very proud of. She confessed that you could even say she has a “love affair” with flowers. They are her developing passion. She is constantly attending workshops and tutorials to hone her craft, and looking for trends in colors, styles, and products.

Heidi Vassel - Flowers

The way that she has expanded her business and talent in such a short amount of time is inspirational. Heidi has shared her expertise, to give us an opportunity to use our creativity and produce an arrangement of our own.

  • Choose a space

Decide on a living space that needs brightening. This could be a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or entry.

  • Choose a vase or vessel

Decide on something that will compliment the colors in the room, or add a splash of color. Be mindful of the size of the vase. Make sure it won’t overwhelm the flowers.

  • Choose flowers that will set the mood

If your goal is to add color and brighten, choose flowers that will achieve this, like sunflowers in your kitchen. If you want to add height and drama, go with a larger and taller flower, like delphiniums or Queen Ann’s lace. If you want to add fragrance, you can choose a fragrant rose. Princess Miyuki are my favorite! Stock is also amazing because it comes in several colors and gives you height and a sweet smell.

  • Start putting it together

After you have chosen a vase and carefully chosen your blooms, you are ready to put it together! If you are going to add greens to your centerpiece, then do that first. This will create a network, or nest, for the flowers to stay put. It is more affordable to forage for leaves and greens in your yard, rather than buying them. Make sure you take all the leaves off the stem below the water line. This will keep your water clean and help your flowers last longer.

Next, start with your largest to smallest blooms and vary the heights with the shorter ones near the front, so they don’t get buried. A good rule of thumb is to not have the flowers exceed 1 ½ times the height of the vase. Spin it around to ensure it looks pleasing from all angles.

Heidi Vassel - Pink Flowers

The beauty of flowers is that they look beautiful no matter how you end up arranging them. Don’t stress if it’s not perfect! Nature is never perfect and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Enjoy your flowers

Keep them hydrated with plenty of water and change out the water once every few days.

Heidi Vassel - Picnic

Heidi and her team at Over the Top Events offer planning, florals and design for all special events in Utah, and beyond. In regards to her business she said, “My focus is to make my client’s dream a reality while keeping the aesthetic lush and timeless.”

Be sure to visit @overthetopevents.ut for more inspiration on flowers and design. If you are interested in custom floral design and event planning, you can also take a look at their website here: Over the Top Events

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  1. This was a beautiful post! Heidi creates such beautiful masterpieces! She has a gift! Fresh flowers are my favorite thing!


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