How to Use Fitness to Benefit Your Life

Stacey Jensen has been a professional dancer for over 10 years now. Her initial passion for fitness was developed in a more “negative” light, through the constant body image struggle that she faced as a young dancer. Her career began with a professional company in Utah when she was only 15 years old. Since then, she has performed in Las Vegas with Cirque du Soleil’s creation of Viva Elvis and Michael Jackson ONE. She maintained the physical shape needed to perform 10-12 shows a week by working with a personal trainer and later being extremely competitive in the sport of CrossFit. Regarding her journey Stacey said, “Through working out I found that being strong made me feel more beautiful than being skinny.”

Stacey Jensen - DanceStacey Jensen - Cirque du Soleil

Stacey noticed that she was both physically and mentally stronger as a dancer when she continued to workout while performing. However, the physical strain on her body while being heavily involved in CrossFit and Cirque du Soleil was overwhelming and exhausting. Stacey said, “I experienced some dark and lonely days and was needing to find that fire and passion that usually came so easy to me.” It was at this point in Stacey’s life that she discovered indoor cycling. Regarding her first experience in class she said, “I felt free, happy, energized, and exhausted in the best way possible!” It has since then become her newest and greatest passion. She is currently living in Utah and is in the process of opening her very own cycling studio called, SWEAT Cycle House.

Stacey Jensen - SWEAT

Despite having her dream job and being able to dance professionally for a living, she was desperately needing a healthy outlet and a space with no expectations or judgements. She found that for herself with cycling. Stacey believes that fitness saved her. Based on her experience, she has shared with us the following steps towards using fitness to benefit your life:

  • No matter what form of fitness you choose, make sure it is 100% for YOU

Your fitness journey is a personal choice, where personal growth happens and it can be a very beautiful thing. It has nothing to do with anyone else! So, get rid of any insecurities or judgements you may have.

  • Choose fitness because you are worth it

You are worth 30 – 45 minutes, or an hour each day. You will without a doubt be a better mom, wife, sister, brother, husband, friend, or whoever you are, if you make time each day to take care of yourself. I promise!

  • Be open to the idea of letting fitness be about more than losing weight or getting fit

It’s about surrounding yourself with like-minded people. When we build a community where we feel accepted, no judgement, and we are a part of something more than just a workout…that is when it becomes a lifestyle. Your gym (CrossFit, yoga, pilates, group training, boxing, cycling) should be a safe place, where you can better yourself mentally and physically.

Stacey Jensen - Cycle

Stacey feels strongly that fitness should be a positive and healthy addition to life, not an added stress. She said, “Remember we are only given ONE body, so it’s up to us how we take care of it.” Everyone goes through their own process of finding a healthy outlet and a space with no expectations or judgements. Take the time to find a community that helps you better yourself mentally and physically. This is when you will begin to see fitness as a benefit in your life as a whole.

Follow Stacey on Instagram for more life and fitness inspiration: @staceyclarkjensen and @itsafitstyle

Be sure to follow along with @sweatcyclehouse for more updates and details.

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